Samara LipskyObviously, even at first glance, the choice to entertain a career as a psychologist has benefited Samara Lipsky greatly, so it’s no wonder she hopes it will go on for a very long time. This is true, even though she has not stopped learning. In fact, she figures she will never stop learning. She also figures she will never stop teaching others. Samara Lipsky is determined to improve her psychological profession in any way she can.

Samara Lipsky’s studies are nowhere near complete, which is why she is currently a Ph.D candidate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s (TCSPP) International Psychology program. One very cool aspect of that part of her education was that she was awarded with the President’s Scholarship to pay for her attendance at TSCPP. Of course, that’s not Samara Lipsky only honor. She has accumulated numerous awards and accolades over the years, including induction into Yale University’s Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society at Yale University and the Meritorious Student Abstract Award at the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s Annual Conference.