Samara Lipsky

From the perspective of Samara Lipsky, community involvement is the key to moving the psychology profession forward. She chose psychology carefully and she is glad she did because she finds it to be enormously fulfilling. Of course, others have appreciated her work, too, which is why she has received a number of awards and other accolades. For example, she was inducted into the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society at Yale University and she received the President’s Scholarship to attend The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. All of that has managed to help move her career forward.

An active member of the Diversity Committee for Psychologists in Public Service for Division 18, Samara Lipsky plays a crucial role with that organization, the main means she has taken an active role in efforts increase the level of diversity in the psychology field, as the APA Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice and Organizational Change for Psychology defines that term. Samara is very actively trying to ensure that the organization is recruiting members from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are actively involved in their communities.

In addition to her appreciation for the importance of the psychology profession as a great career choice, Samara Lipsky also appreciates her Jewish heritage as one of her greatest strengths. Following her graduation from the Modern Orthodox Raman School on the Upper East Side of New York City, Samara also served for a time on the staff of the Union for Reform Judaism. She also one serves as a Hebrew teacher at the Reform Temple Israel, which happens to be located in her old neighborhood. She has also tutored a large number of Jewish young people who happen to be bar and bat mitzvah students.